Culture United Youth

Culture United Youth

Wednesdays @ 7PM

Students who call Arlington Assembly home are asked to get involved in everything we do. They’re plugged into groups, they volunteer, and they give their resources. They’re not waiting to make an impact. Students are making a difference right now in every area of their lives.


U-Groups exist for you. U-Groups are a place where authentic discipleship, new friendships and personal growth take place. Our belief is that this life is not meant to be lived alone. When we surround ourselves with a life-giving community we begin to truly experience all that God intended for us.  

U-Groups are divided by gender and age and meet every week. The goal is to live life in community with each other while pursing Jesus. U-Groups provide a place for students to ask questions and build relationships. 

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Hangouts exist to connect people to life giving relationships while having tons of fun! It can be a little intimidating to join a U-Group or even attend a service when you don’t know anybody. That's why Hangouts exist! Hangouts take place once a month, are coed and range in size.

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Every year we have specific events designed to engage and equip students to take their relationship with Jesus to the next level. This year we have three main events: The WKND, Summer Camp, and Winter Jam. 

March 2-3 @ Church Home in Kirkland, WA

Winter Jam
Fall 2018 @ Tacoma Dome

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